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> Agenda: May 5, 2016 WAI-ARIA Working Group
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> 3. Action 1743: aria-activedescendant on application (20 minutes *max* discussion) Matt
>  - Proposal:
> Proposal:

I was asked to update the definition of aria-activedescendant for
combobox designs where it does not actually point to a descendant (part
of action-1490).  The changes were made in this branch:,
see the last paragraph before the characteristics table.

The added paragraph repeated below:
A special use case is a combobox where its text input field has DOM
focus, and that input element uses aria-activedescendant to reference
the currently active item within the combobox's popup. In one use case,
the text entry field has role="combobox" whereas, in a second case, it
is a textbox. Regardless, the element referenced by
aria-activedescendant is not in fact a descendant of the text entry.
Nonetheless, aria-activedescendant is treated by user agents as the
active descendant of the combobox.


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