Re: AXTitleUIElement (was Re: Test Assertions with Tables)

Hi Fred.

On 03/16/2016 09:33 AM, Fred Esch wrote:

> This is an ARIA question of what should be in the spec.

I'm not sure that it is. I think it's an exit criteria question.

> I am not a proponent of AXTitleUIElement, I am just coding to the spec.

That's a good thing. :)

> I don't have any problem changing the tests :) 

I know. :) And what I am tossing out there is that **for the purpose of
CR testing**, it might be worth doing so (slightly). In particular,
testing for the computed string (like you do for ATK and IA2). The
computed string for name and the computed string for description should
be as per your expectations. If they are not, that means there is a bug
in my implementation.

> Or are proposing that SVG do something different and we have a different
> name calculation than HTML?

No. I am proposing that your group EITHER provide me with a real-world
use case in which exposure via AXTitleUIElement **in addition to the
existing computed string which is already in place as per your spec** is
necessary, OR discuss if it is possible to do your CR testing based on
the computed string.

Hope this helps clarify things. And apologies for any confusion.

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