RE: Conflicting inclusion/exclusion criteria for elements in the accessibility tree (Was: Re: [ARIA] Agenda: March 3, 2016 WAI-ARIA Working Group)

From: Fred Esch []

One undesirable aspect for authors of the steps Amelia has - is the last part of step 4 (OR is focusable but not in the current tab order (e.g., a tabindex="-1")is not in step 2. I can see making the presence of a tabindex a factor in inclusion in the accessibility tree, but not the value of the tabindex. As it is, it sounds like some elements will be always be included in the accessibility tree regardless of tabindex value and others will be included/excluded based on the value of a tabindex. If this is true, is there a table that explains which category an element falls in? Having rule 3 between 2 and 4 makes things even less predictable for authors.

I read clause 2 as including elements with tabindex >= 0, and clause 4 as also including elements with tabindex < 0. Perhaps the last part of clause 4 (covering the tabindex < 0 case) could be moved into clause 2. The end result is that any valid integer value of tabindex will result in the element's inclusion.

If there are elements that will receive focus per the SVG spec without an explicit tabindex value (e.g., anchor elements), it might be worth mentioning them in an informative note for purposes of clarification.

I am not wide awake this morning. The above interpretation may be mistaken.


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