Hi Joannie, 

Here is the revised text based on Thursday’s discussion. Please incorporate the text and adjust as you see fit and then close out action 1380. I will close out action 1700 as a duplicate of action 1380

In HTML, <img> is treated as a single entity regardless of the type of image file. Consequently, using a role=“presentation” or role=“none” on <img> is equivalent to using aria-hidden=“true”. If you want the image contents to be accessible, embed the object using <object>  or <iframe>, or by using inline SVG code and follow the accessibility guidelines for the image content. 

be inserted before the text found in role="presentation":
"For any element with an explicit or inherited role of presentation, user agents MUST ignore any non-global, role-specific WAI-ARIA states and properties. However, the user agent MUST always expose global WAI-ARIA states and properties to accessibility APIs, even if an element has an explicit or inherited role of presentation.”

Rich Schwerdtfeger

Received on Saturday, 30 January 2016 17:56:23 UTC