RE: Draft update to landmarks section for APG 1.1

Overall, this looks pretty good. 

One piece of feedback: It is important not to have too many landmarks, or they become less useful and more confusing.  I advise our site and app creators that a page will be most useful with <7 landmarks, and an absolute maximum of 10.  On many pages just main is good, or banner/navigation/main.  

Adding a landmark to every portlet sounds like a bad idea to me, as some portals have dozens of them. Nesting worries me too.

The 7+/- 2 rule for UI design was very eye opening to me, coming from a programming mindset where numbers were 0, 1, or n. Users don't work like that. (though I first saw it in The Inmates are Running the Asylum).

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Ann, Teresa and I have been meeting twice a week to work on updating the Landmarks section.

Here is the latest proposed changes, we still have some work to do: 

There is a new Section 2 titled: Design Patterns Landmark Roles


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