Re: Why does the button role have children presentational="true"?

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Thanks Steve for your explanation.
So "children presentational" is the equivalent of putting
role="presentation" on elements inside the widgets?
I find the text from the spec definition of children presentational confusing.
"The DOM descendants are presentational. User agents SHOULD NOT expose
descendants of this element through the platform accessibility API."
My understanding of this paragraph is that the descendants (including
their contents) should be hidden from assistive technologies.

I would like to change the wording of this definition in the ARIA 1.1
spec to explain that the semantics of the descendant element should be
hidden, the equivalent of putting role="presentation" or "none" on the
descendant elements. However, their content should be exposed to
assistive technologies according to the accessible name algorithm.


On 12/31/15, Steve Faulkner <> wrote:
> On 31 December 2015 at 15:05, Birkir Gunnarsson
> <
>> wrote:
>> <span role="button">New Year's Greetings to
>> <span class="IcelandFlag">Iceland</span>
>> </span>
> Hi Birkir, role=presentation does not hide text nodes, it only hides the
> role semantics (not content) of the element it is on, and any required
> children
> So your example would be same as native button:
> "New Year's Greetings to Iceland"
> this info may be helpful:
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> SteveF
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