Re: Pilot test - need volunteers

Hi, Terrill and Sina,

Den ons 22 apr. 2020 kl 23:56 skrev Terrill Thompson <>:

> Hi All,
> Sorry I've been missing in action - a little over my head with commitments
> at the UW. Are you wanting to keep testing within this group for now, or
> are you open to recruiting volunteers from the outside?

We thought we'd start with asking within the CG, but if there are others
who want to volunteer for this, that would be great! The CG is also open
for anyone to join:

Den tors 23 apr. 2020 kl 00:37 skrev Sina Bahram <>:

> Another question. Are expected results already defined? If so, what is the
> process in case we may have comments on what the expected results should be?

> Sorry for the double-email, but is there an issue where the tests are laid
> out? Sorry if I’m missing something.
> Just wanted to look at the things ahead of time.

The tests are still under development. This project board
<> shows which are in progress.
Each card (that isn't in the backlog) links to the corresponding issue, to
track progress for that test plan. The issue has a link to the test itself.
You can leave comments about the test and expected results in the issue.

The test *runner* that will be used for the pilot test is also under
The runner that is currently available at is
a prototype, but we'll be using the new runner for the pilot test. For now,
you can try out the prototype test runner.

I am willing to cover @jscholes time spent testing with FF/NVDA, and I may
> be able to test with  Chrome/Jaws, but it would be good to see what this
> entails, task-wise.

Great, thank you! Don't hesitate to ask questions. :-)

Simon Pieters

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