RE: P3P - Feedback on Access Control

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jan 2008, Close, Tyler J. wrote:
> > 2. a web application that puts a new GUI on another web application,
> > such as skining an auction site, or email application
> >
> > 3. a content authoring web application that stores user
> created content
> > in a data store provided by another web application, such as one
> > operated by Amazon.
> Again, the number of URIs involved in this kind of case is
> limited, so I
> don't see the extra roundtrip per resource to be especially worrying.

In Amazon's SimpleDB API, the request URL contains a cryptographic signature of the request arguments. See:

The WG's current proposal doubles the cost of using the Amazon SimpleDB API in a mashup.


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