Re: Comments on: Access Control for Cross-site Requests

Close, Tyler J. wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for the encouragement.
> I'ld like to get the constraints nailed down before offering another design. One possible interpretation of the conversation to date is that the mechanism must work if the author has only the ability to deposit a single file on the web server. That makes things pretty tough.
> Given the resistance to changing the design of the XMLHttpRequest proposal, and Jonas Sicking's comment that Firefox 3 will support JSONRequest, I'm also strongly tempted to say "good enough" and move on.

Just to set the record straight here. Firefox 3 will not support 
JSONRequest. We are doing some JSON work, and I wasn't sure if that 
would include the "Request part" or not, but it turns out it does not.

It is also at this point too late to even consider adding such support. 
We are way past feature freeze and are focusing on polish and regression 

/ Jonas

Received on Friday, 18 January 2008 23:33:52 UTC