Re: Access-Control: Proposed restructuring

David Orchard wrote:
> Well, what I meant was that I don't know what down to earth means in
> this context, namely for writing a spec.  Down to earth applied to a
> policy language specification is absurd.  We need a language that is
> unambigous and clear to get to interoperable implementations.
FWIW I found Ian's use of English prose in the HTML 5 parsing spec to be 
clear and helpful in producing an implementation. There are now multiple 
implementations of that spec which are believed to have good 
interoperability (they all pass a common test suite of moderate size).

I have not reviewed the relevant section of the Access Control spec in 
enough detail to know whether it is currently as clear as HTML 5, but I 
see no reason /in principle/ why it could not be made clear enough to 
produce multiple interoperable implementations.

Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 21:51:39 UTC