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My feedback is that the proposed charter is far too broad. There's  
already a substantial spread in the existing working groups, and  
combining them multiplies it; you'd be working on protocols, APIs,  
security mechanisms, DOM extensions, widgets and a major new XML  

Doing so would advantage a few people who are involved and interested  
in all of these efforts, but would disadvantage those who are not --  
including people with valuable expertise -- by overloading them with e- 
mail and forcing them to sit through meetings where items not of there  
interest were discussed. It also puts constraints on the amount of  
things that can be discussed simultaneously, with perhaps the  
unintended side effect of increasing the group's reliance on a few key  

A much better result would be achieved by splitting the efforts  
further, into more focused working groups. This would undoubtedly  
increase the burden on a few people who do want to be involved in all  
of these efforts, as well as perhaps the Team (although it may be  
possible to mitigate that), but would increase the likelihood of high- 
quality participation and a standard that truly reflects consensus.

Alternatively, if there's some intent of serialising the output, the  
charter(s) could be written to only address the immediately upcoming  
deliverable, with the understanding that later rechartering will move  
the focus of the group(s) onwards.

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On 17/12/2007, at 12:37 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:

> All - the WAF WG's charter expired last month and the tentative plan  
> going forward is for the WAF WG to merge with the Web API WG to form  
> a new WG named the Web Applications WG.
> A *Draft* Charter of the proposed Web Apps WG is available:
> < 
> >
> If you have any comments on this Draft please send them to the 
>  mail list (by early January at the latest).
> Regards, Art Barstow
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Mark Nottingham

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