* Jonas Sicking wrote:
>Bertrand Le Roy wrote:
>> How do you address the concern that using a GET will result in a 
>> potentially very large response, most of which will not be used?
>It's only going to be big if the server chooses to make it big. This 
>seems equally bad as the server sending any other nonsensical-but-valid 
>responses in any other format, such as including a huge unrelated header 
>in a HEAD response.

I store a very big file on A and want to delete it through an interface
on B. This will work if A sends the right headers on an access check,
but the very big file would be transmitted in full during the check. You
would have to additionally detect the access check request and truncate
the response and set the right caching headers all the time to avoid it.
So yes there is a choice, but the default is sending a big response.
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