Re: Comments on: Access Control for Cross-site Requests

On 03/01/2008, at 1:17 PM, Close, Tyler J. wrote:


> The above comment leaves me with the impression that you too think  
> the client should be enforcing the server's access control policy. I  
> just find this a really strange position. Ian seems to support this  
> view with the perspective that client developers will deploy better  
> software faster than server developers. Is that also your rationale?
> Please keep in mind that a positive response to the GET request of  
> step 2 just means that the server admin is saying: "Yes, I've setup  
> some server-side software to control cross-domain requests". It  
> doesn't mean: "I'm blindly letting through all cross-domain  
> requests, my users be damned!", as some seem to be implying.

My concern was that it's quite binary; if it's on, the server is  
required to check the Referer-Root for *every* resource on it, even if  
it only wants to enable one resource for cross-domain access. That's a  
pretty high bar in some environments.

That having been said, I imagine it would be easy enough to come up  
with an Apache or IIS module to enforce a policy in some XML format. I  
don't buy into Ian's argument that it needs to be deployable without  
server-side changes at all; if people are motivated to allow cross- 
site requests, checking a header isn't a big deal. It's easy enough to  
do with rewrite rules if you need to, and many, many cheap Web hosts  
offer access to those.

So, I'll retract that comment.


Mark Nottingham

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