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I am -1 for this idea and +1 to what Ivan said. Part of the whole 
purpose of using flat and extensible vocabulary for motivations was to
 allow particular domain communities to make their own extensions in 
accordance to their particular needs. 

Moreover, a motivation was always intended as an explanation of the 
_kind of content_ that the annotation's body contains. Much like the 
purpose is intended to provide a basic explanation of what role the 
body's content plays in annotations with multiple bodies.

This doesn't actually seem to overlap with's action at all.
 A closer fit would be the "expectation" property proposed by the 
Morris's (Bob and Phil) back in the community group's early days. As I
 recall we elected not to pursue it since "expectations/actions to be 
taken" are also fairly domain dependent.

IMO, annotations are orthogonal to intentions behind the 
vocabulary and we shouldn't align ourselves too closely to it. We're 
already compatible with it and I think that's good enough.

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