Re: [web-annotation] Relationship between Motivations and Actions (from

@jjett I would still change 'reviewing' to 'assessing' as it has a 
more generic and less formal nature. That will allow other to extend 
with more specific ones. Although, this is a specific issue that 
should be discussed separately #249 

@jjett the motivation is why the Annotation was created, which is very
 different, in my opinion, from the 'kind of content', that is why we 
have 'role'. I could have a Motivation 'bookmarking' and that could 
include some tags as well (but the motivation is not tagging). I also 
don't thing that is close to 'expectations' which are not 
actions but follow up actions that are expected to happen following an
 annotation action with a specific motivation. 

That said, I am ok with the flat list of concepts that we have now. 
However, as soon as we introduce new ones, I would argue it will 
become increasingly hard to keep all this flat. So I feel it is just a
 matter of time. I am not expecting us to come up with a hierarchy for
 the specifications though.

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