Re: [web-annotation] Model is defined in terms of IRIs; Protocol with URI

Adding this texts to, or similar, might indeed be a good idea...


P.S. I didn't even remember this text from the RDFa spec...

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> On 26 May 2016, at 18:44, Shane McCarron <> 
> Oh - I understand and agree that processing should be done using 
IRIs. I was just reacting to the name in the ontology. Regardless.... 
if we are standardizing on IRI, and I think we should be, there is 
some nice language in RDFa Core that we could roll in:
> RDFa is a way of expressing RDF-style relationships using simple 
attributes in existing markup languages such as HTML. RDF is fully 
internationalized, and permits the use of Internationalized Resource 
Identifiers, or IRIs. You will see the term 'IRI' used throughout this
 specification. Even if you are not familiar with the term IRI, you 
probably have seen the term 'URI' or 'URL'. IRIs are an extension of 
URIs that permits the use of characters outside those of plain ASCII. 
RDF allows the use of these characters, and so does RDFa. This 
specification has been careful to use the correct term, IRI, to make 
it clear that this is the case.
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