Re: [web-annotation] Base direction for annotations

1. well .. obviously there are some languages for which you need to 
know the "script" fro correct representation. Probably the japanese is
 the best known example. Meaning that ... there will be 
implementations that will use the script part of the language 
encoding. I think this is a fact. We cannot and we should not prevent 

2. I do recognize that I don't like adding the script in the language 
either. One could think if it makes more sense to use only language 
and country codes in the language field and to put the script in its 
own field. 

3. However my basic question is if the script code is not the 
**"richer"**  information for correct representation of the texts? 

If the language + script code clearly indicates the writing direction,
 I would suggest adding the script code information to annotation and 
not the "text direction" which will. in this case be redundant 


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Received on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 10:16:11 UTC