Re: [web-annotation] Request header and language negotiation

> On 23 May 2016, at 14:52, r12a <> wrote:
> Stepping back at bit, my actual concern here is that if i use the 
<> to 
navigate to the swedish version of that article 
<> and 
then start creating annotations, then the annotations need to indicate
 that the target is actually the swedish version of the content 
(otherwise, of course, the annotations may become unusable). If that's
 possible in some way other than using the HTTP headers, then i don't 
imagine there is an issue here.

If the server behaves the way it should, ie, if I ask for a Swedish 
version via lang information in the HTTP header I do get a Swedish 
version, then this is solved by the HTTP state (which is stored as 
part of the annotation structure, so the system knows what is 
happening). If the server does not behave like that, then we cannot do
 it because we have no way to know, "in advance", that the resource is
 in Swedish and, frankly, I do not see any way to solve it with the 
current structures in the Anno model. (It may be a requirement for a 
version 2.)

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