Re: [web-annotation] 'generated' and 'modified' should use UTC by default

Does the xsd dateTime allow for the specification of floating time 
stamps? Because if not, I am not sure we can express this.

I obviously understand the importance of a floating time (I use it 
frequently in my calendar) but I am not sure it is so important for 
the timestamp of an annotation (which is, after all, used for 
time-stamping a specific annotation for comparison). In other words, I
 am not sure I see the use case for floating time in this particular 

The fact of requiring UTC is again for an easier processing by 
machines. These time stamps are mostly created by machines, ie, 
whether it is in UTC or something else does not make too much 
difference. But makes *processing* such timestamps easier...

> On 18 May 2016, at 17:24, aphillips <> 
> @iherman <> No, I'm not suggesting that 
you require UTC. I'm pointing out that timestamps all map to 
(UTC-based) epoch times. That is, these are the same:
> 2016-05-18T00:00:00Z
> 2016-05-18T08:00:00+08:00
> But it should be noted that +08:00 is not a time zone and the above 
is not obvious.
> And actually, timestamps aren't the problem. The problem is with 
floating time values. For example, in a few places in the document you
 refer to specific date versions of a resource (the example I use in 
my day job would be a specific Sunday New York Times edition). The 
date of that resource should not be effected by the local time zone on
 display. If timestamps are permitted for floating time values (which 
you might want to avoid creating in the first place), then you'll have
 problems with the date changing for people with different local 

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