[web-annotation] 'generated' and 'modified' should use UTC by default

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==  'generated' and 'modified' should use UTC by default ==
[Raised by Addison Phillips
not yet discussed by the i18n WG]

The "time zone" defined by xsd:dateTime and by ISO 8601 is not 
actually a time zone but is instead a UTC offset. There are numerous 
problems with using UTC offsets as if they were time zones when it 
comes to time presentation later. Ultimately, since the value being 
described is actually an incremental time acting as a timestamp (more 
on that terminology in a moment), there should be language that 
defines UTC as the default when timezone (offset) information is not 

Note that the term "incremental time" is defined by 
[https://www.w3.org/TR/timezone/]. The goal here is to produce 
timestamps rather than floating time values and to make the time 
stamps convertable with incremental time. When information such as 
time zone (offset) or the time of day are omitted, the conversion 
between the serialized format and incremental time values should be 
assumed to be the "zeroing out" of the field and the normalization of 
the value to UTC-based epoch dates. That should be cited for 

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