Re: [web-annotation] Model should allow multiple Selectors per SpecificResource

We had an AND similar to "Choice", it was named "Composite". Closed 
issue #92 may be relevant. 

Regarding selectors, closed issue #93 seems highly pertinent. It seems
 to me that the case for logical AND vis-a-vis multiple selectors 
looks suspiciously like the IIIF's Image API Selector which 
simultaneously specifies some 2-space coordinates and a rotational 
position on a (fixed) axis. Having a construct that allows folks to 
aggregate selectors in a similar fashion would allow them to remark on
 how the selectors are expected to behave without going the extra 
distance of actually specifying a particular API (as IIIF did).

I should mention that these logical structures are very closely linked
 to expected behaviors that are neither list-like nor set-like, 
despite what our serialization tools might indicate.

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Received on Thursday, 5 May 2016 12:45:32 UTC