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Hey RaphaŽl,

Great to hear! Would you mind inviting them to this mailing list? I'd love to hear about their project and see if they'd like to run our growing list of tests against their project.

They can sign-up here:


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Dear Benjamin, all,

> I stumbled across this while seeing who'd started one of my annotation 
> related projects:
> "This library provides programmatic access to read and write W3C Web 
> Annotation Data Model <> / W3C 
> Open Annotation Data Model <>
> from and to local/remote SPARQL endpoints. An easy-to-use and 
> extensible Java API allows creation and querying of annotations even for non-experts."
> Does anyone know folks at the University of Passau?

Yes, I know them very well. They publish a research paper about this implementation in our recent LiME workshop, see

The paper:
The slides:

Best regards.


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