Re: [web-annotation] Support for embedded structured data (metadata) in the body

Re 1.  The extensions section explicitly says that 
> "Extensions may be made to any resource, including adding new 
objects as well as properties."
and the three examples are clearly described as examples.  I'm sorry 
that your particular use case didn't get covered in the examples, but 
extensions can go anywhere. Contriubtions to a primer or recipe book 
would be appreciated, but there's no requirement to change the 
specification at this point.

Re 2.  There isn't a class "oa:ExternalResource". That would always be
 relative to an Annotation, which is not how the open world works. 
They're just Resources.  Datasets are interesting, but unlikely to be 
a significant use case in the wild.  They can be created already as 
bodies, no need to specify anything further.

Re 3. We lack experience, implementations and use cases for named 
graphs.  It also goes against the design principle of limiting the 
exposure to RDF concepts in order to implement. We discussed this 
already in the WG (a lot!) and there's no new information to warrant 
re-opening it for version 1.  I'll open a new issue tagged as version 
2 to rediscuss.  If there were two independent implementations of the 
feature, that would go a long way towards demonstrating the utility 
and importance, however at this stage implementations of the features 
we do have is more valuable.

(Following discussion on telco of 2016-06-23)

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