Updated: Agenda for Friday's meeting of the Web Annotation Working Group

I've added an item at the end of the agenda, time permitting.
The W3C Web Annotation Working Group will convene on Friday 24 June at 11 AM
Eastern (US).
Logistics / Call in details: 
- IRC channel (irc.w3.org): #annotation. 
- WebEx via computer:
               or direct dial in: +1-617-324-0000
  Meeting Number / Access Code: 645 413 954
-  Email Tim (t-cole3@illinois.edu <mailto:t-cole3@illinois.edu> ) if you
need meeting password.
- See also notes in the wiki: https://www.w3.org/annotation/wiki/WebEx  
- We will continue to use Zakim (on IRC) to manage the queue. 
Draft Agenda 
Chairs: Tim Cole and Rob Sanderson 
1.      Scribe Selection, Agenda Review,  Announcements.
2.      Minutes Approval. PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Minutes of the last WG call
are approved: https://www.w3.org/2016/06/10-annotation-minutes.html   
3.      Latest on progress towards Candidate Recommendation status. 
4.      Upcoming WG meeting schedule during July and August
          - Proposal: Reduce frequency of calls (e.g., every other week)
during July and August given high volume of meeting and vacation conflicts;
leaving alternate Fridays free as needed for special calls about testing
procedures & progress. 
         - Question: can we on a case-by-case basis invite non-WG members to
calls focused on testing?  
5.      Testing updates and status reports
          - Protocol testing
          - Vocabulary testing
          - Model testing
6.     Issues (considerations for future version):
         - Issue 309 - embedded structured data (metadata) in the body
         - Issue 308 - relationship between the format and the type of
External Web resources (https://github.com/w3c/web-annotation/issues/308) 
7. A.O.B. and then adjourn.
Road map for upcoming calls:
- Generating incorrect annotation examples (to verify correctness of json
schemas, etc.)
- Implementer engagement & Recruiting implementations for testing
- Recipes and /or other kinds of documentation to help implementers get
involved in testing, etc.?
- HTML Serialization Note
- What else?

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