Agenda for Friday's meeting of the Web Annotation Working Group

The W3C Web Annotation Working Group will convene on Friday 24 June at 11 AM
Eastern (US).
Logistics / Call in details: 
- IRC channel ( #annotation. 
- WebEx via computer:  
               or direct dial in: +1-617-324-0000
  Meeting Number / Access Code: 645 413 954
-  Email Tim ( <> ) if you
need meeting password.
- See also notes in the wiki:  
- We will continue to use Zakim (on IRC) to manage the queue. 
Draft Agenda 
Chairs: Tim Cole and Rob Sanderson 
1.      Scribe Selection, Agenda Review,  Announcements.
2.      Minutes Approval. PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Minutes of the last WG call
are approved:   
3.      Latest on progress towards Candidate Recommendation status. 
4.      Upcoming WG meeting schedule during July and August
          - Proposal: Reduce frequency of calls (e.g., every other week)
during July and August given high volume of meeting and vacation conflicts;
leaving alternate Fridays free as needed for special calls about testing
procedures & progress. 
         - Question: can we on a case-by-case basis invite non-WG members to
calls focused on testing?  
5.      Testing updates and status reports
          - Protocol testing
          - Vocabulary testing
          - Model testing
6. A.O.B. and then adjourn.
Road map for upcoming calls:
- Generating incorrect annotation examples (to verify correctness of json
schemas, etc.)
- Implementer engagement & Recruiting implementations for testing
- Recipes and /or other kinds of documentation to help implementers get
involved in testing, etc.?
- HTML Serialization Note
- What else?

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