RE: Protocol question: PreferMinimalContainer

Related to my confusion is this line from 4.1.1:

"If no preference is given by the client, the server should return the full annotation descriptions. The server may ignore the client's preference."

Preference is expressed on the AnnotationCollection, but pagination URLs are used to link to the contents of the container, so..."SHOULD return the full annotation descriptions" is really talking about what happens after a request is made for the first or last page linked from the AnnotationCollection?

If that's indeed the case, I'd love to tweak that sentence to express that.


From: Benjamin Young []
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 11:48 AM
To:; Robert Sanderson <>
Subject: Protocol question: PreferMinimalContainer

Given that an AnnotationContainer document doesn't every include `items` direction-only links to `first` and/or `last` pages-what is the value add of `PreferMinimalContainer`?

It seems that the response to that request would be identical to either the default (PreferContainedDescriptions) or, given the preference for minimalism, it would be identical to PreferContainedIRIs-in which case one or the other of these isn't needed.

Each of these preferences really only dictates the IRIs used for `first` and `last` afaict.

Or am I missing something obvious? :)



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