Re: [web-annotation] Line folding in HTTP headers is deprecated as of RFC7230

AFAIK, node, PHP, and Python (at least) all support proper multiple 
header values--`Set-Cookie` is often used this way, fwiw, and 
apparently `Cache-Control` too from time to time.

I'm not keen on the examples not being valid requests. I'd prefer we 
do the multiple `Link` headers as one per line (as in this PR) and 
then (if you think we need) add a note about it also being possible to
 do a single `Link` header line with the various values concatenated 
with `,`...but that runs into header value limits and really isn't 
what folks will do anyhow.

We could invite others into this question (if you want), but I think 
that one per-line will do the trick and it's also more legible...which
 is a nice add. :smile: 

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Received on Wednesday, 8 June 2016 19:46:55 UTC