[web-annotation] Minor upper/lower case issues

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== Minor upper/lower case issues ==
- section 3.2.4, subsection Model: 'The fundamental features of a 
textual body are' should probably be 'The fundamental features of a 
_Textual Body_ are'
- first paragraph of 3.2.5 there are two instances of 'body' 
lowercase, is at lest one of them supposed to be uppercase? I guess it
 depends if we are referring to the 'body' in general or the mode 
- section 3.2.6, subsection Model: 'The body relationship is omitted 
when there is no body for the Annotation.' should probably be 'The 
body relationship is omitted when there is no _Body_ for the 
Annotation.'. I guess it could be both ways in this case though.
- section 3.3.4 towards the end of the first paragraph 'body and 
target of an Annotation'. For this one I guess it could work both ways

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