Re: [web-annotation] Including resource previews in annotations

The data model indeed does not deal with the ways implementation 
interact with the user, including the way the information is 
presented. This feature of the spec was, I believe, deliberately 
chosen as a separation of concerns.

I would be very uneasy opening this issue at this point (let us 
remember that we are planning for CR, which also means a feature 
freeze). Finding a consensus on what the best way is to encode this 
feature, what other, UI specific features could/should be available 
(e.g., how do I control the presentation of an annotation that the 
data model includes as pure text?), etc, is not something we can 
decide at this point. *If* there is a consensus that the data model 
should include UI specific features, that is definitely a version 2 

My proposal is to postpone this issue for version 2.

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Received on Friday, 3 June 2016 09:23:46 UTC