Re: [web-annotation] Reference to text encoding in spec perhaps not appropriate

I disagree. The current text is a muddle because it requires (MUST) a 
(lowercase-n, non-Unicode) normalization, but only specifies a series 
of non-specific SHOULD operations, one of which (the DOM String 
Comparisons stuff) introduces Unicode Normalization Forms.

It sounds like your WG has not achieved consensus on what the 
requirements for the text normalization are, in which case I would 
tend to want to relax the MUST or improve the SHOULDs. That is, I 
think you'd be better changing the text to match my suggestions 
earlier, with changes to "all markup" as appropriate (based on 
@fsasaki and other's comments).

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Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2016 18:13:05 UTC