Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

@aaronpk I don't think that the implementations should do (complex) 
unicode text processing to extract information like textDirection, 
which is obvious/available in explicit for in the annotation editors.
  Yes ... I do agree that there is a level of redundancy in the 
processingLanguage and textDirection infromation, and these fields 
souldn't be considered the "master" source of information. From my 
side, this is what has to be documented. Also ... it should be also 
made clear who needs these fields and when?.. (basically the usecases 
that are missing in the specifications) 

However, I agree with one point that it is a very bad idea to mixup 
the real payload with the presentation metadata (i.e. in html everyone
 uses css nowadays). But I bet this improvement could only happen in 
the second version of the standard.

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Received on Thursday, 4 August 2016 08:30:53 UTC