Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

Well .. there were enough discussions and proposals, but there were no
I don't think it is helping to open many different tickets on the same
 ground problem. 
If we close this ticket with a set of concrete action points, I'm 
happy to contribute with the creation of new issues and proposing 
concrete solutions for them. But as I said, I would need first a 
agreement/commitment from the editors that the new tickets will not 
have the same final as the existing one, for which it is recongnised 
that there is an issue/weaknes in the current version of the 
specification, but they are closed always with wontfix ...
This is from my point of view a contradiction.
It is natural to have long discussions on identifying the root of the 
problem ... and it is natural that the required action items are 
different than the original proposal of the ticket. But I don't feel 
ok to close the tickets without a conclusion. (won't fix is not a 
proper conclusion for this ticket)

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Received on Thursday, 4 August 2016 08:21:24 UTC