Re: [web-annotation] Protocol examples should use comma separated headers in examples

So...we have a new problem...from [RFC 7230 (bottom of page 

   To avoid any possible ambiguity, individual preference tokens 
   NOT appear multiple times within a single request.  If any 
   is specified more than once, only the first instance is to be
   considered.  All subsequent occurrences SHOULD be ignored without
   signaling an error or otherwise altering the processing of the
   request.  This is the only case in which the ordering of 
   within a request is considered to be significant.

If I'm reading that correctly, the way we're using `Prefer` doesn't the last value "wins" meaning the server can't really use 
them both together. (Proposal for fixing forthcoming).

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Received on Tuesday, 2 August 2016 14:12:46 UTC