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Re: [web-annotation] Clarify ability to reason with annotations - note additional statements to add to reasoner

From: Jacob via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 16:21:03 +0000
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I think it'll be difficult to address Randall's concerns about whether
not we can interpret motivation as a relationship between the body and
target. Part of the point I was trying to make is that any 
of motivations is necessarily an idiosyncratic one because there is 
not a
broad consensus on what those relationships are or should be.

That said, I noticed a lot of things coming out of TPAC that were 
these kind of idiosyncratic interpretations (e.g., division of the 
predicate into hasBody and hasTextBody -- this conflates the role of 
with the kind of thing that the body is (i.e., resource or literal)). 
is not very good RDF but may have value for a number of things such as
serializations and various reasoners (including those using flavors of
that are not OWL Full).

I'm -0 on the proposal. I can see the value of body relatedTo target 
(I can
even see body annotates target) but, body motivation target is a 
bridge too



P.S. I'm about to start quals at the end of the week so I'm afraid 
that I
won't be much help for the next few weeks.

Jacob Jett
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On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 9:57 AM, BigBlueHat <notifications@github.com> 

> Good points @azaroth42
> .
> Perhaps, then, we can include an Appendix (or some such) in the new 
> only" doc that explains how to explicitly state relationships 
between body
> and target, or (alternatively) highlight that these Annotation 
> aren't intended for that...and to "just use RDF."
> I do think Randall's points need addressing somewhere, so that other
> people looking at Annotation and wondering how to (or if to) state 
> body and target are related are given a way to do it or an 
explanation of
> why the Annotation doesn't.
> Maybe we already do that, and I've just missed it. [image: :smiley:]
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