Idea: Annotation Feed Format

The current LDP-based protocol propose is a full read/write API for dealing
with Open Annotation documents.

I've begun to wonder if we might not also be served by having a more
minimal "feed format" similar to (or based on) RSS, Atom, or
ActivityStreams (etc).

The end result should be a lightweight wrapper around Open Annotation Data
Model documents that return them as a collection. This could be done today
with Atom via <atom:link /> references and auto-generated title, updated,
etc. tags. Lorestore apparently provides these:

Is there interest in having a separate document that defines one or more
options for expressing an annotation "feed" in any of these existing
formats? or (if we must) defining a new one?

Thanks for the consideration,
Developer Advocate

Received on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 14:24:47 UTC