Re: Protocol Reference Work: Lorestore's API

I'd like to propose we also take a look at AtomPub [1] and Atom feeds [2]
as well as using Open Search [3] for search endpoint discovery and

Many scenarios (sharing, federation, search) don't necessarily require a
write-equiped API, so "protocol" feels a bit heavy as a term. I'll try and
write these thoughts up in a separate mail, but folks should feel free to
submit "read only" options to this capability matrix.

Rob, any recommendations on where this product matrix should live? I'm
guessing a section just below "Use Cases" here:
with a link to a separate "Existing Projects"? (or a better title).

I think this matrix will be valuable for understanding what's needed where
and how close we may actually be. :)

Thanks, Rob,


On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 3:40 PM, Robert Sanderson <>

> Thanks Benjamin!
> The operations supported seem pretty standard which is good, and entirely
> expected, knowing Anna :)
> A matrix of product/capability seems like a good next step on the wiki,
> with Domeo [Paolo], Annotator [Nick], LoreStore [Benjamin as proxy for
> Anna], and Triannon [Rob] as initial candidates for inclusion.  David
> Wood's Callimachus product also does OA, so we should get that in the mix
> too.
> Are there any other HTTP APIs out there that anyone knows about and would
> be willing to:
> 1.  write a couple of paragraphs about in a wiki page, with links to
> documentation
> 2.  Fill out a line in the above matrix, when we've synthesized the list
> of capabilities
> As we need two implementations of every feature, this is something we're
> going to have to do regardless. Starting sooner rather than later will make
> our lives much easier down the line!
> Rob
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 12:22 PM, Benjamin Young <>
> wrote:
>> So...I'm relatively new here (wasn't really part of the CG, etc). :) I
>> came across Lorestore's Annotator plugin recently, and realized the site
>> for it included several things that might be of interest for our protocol
>> discussions.
>> Judging from past CG mailing list posts, several of you already know
>> about this project, the people involved with it (Anna Gerber and Damien
>> Ayers), and could likely expand on it more--but I thought I'd re-share the
>> work here for other new comers like myself. :)
>> Here's the main site for the project:
>> Things I discovered:
>>  - Lorestore supports a version ("drafty" one maybe) of OA
>>  - has a validator on their site!
>>  - include documentation for an API that supports several OA
>> representation types:
>>  - has a query API:
>>  - also supports Atom feeds:
>> Lorestore is GPLv3 licensed and available on GitHub:
>> Beyond interesting history, there may also be an opportunity for a couple
>> of invited experts (if we're doing that right now) as Anna and Damien have
>> experience implementing the OA data model in an HTTP API that includes
>> search.
>> Just sharing. :)
>> Thanks,
>> Benjamin
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