Protocol Reference Work: Lorestore's API

So...I'm relatively new here (wasn't really part of the CG, etc). :) I came
across Lorestore's Annotator plugin recently, and realized the site for it
included several things that might be of interest for our protocol

Judging from past CG mailing list posts, several of you already know about
this project, the people involved with it (Anna Gerber and Damien Ayers),
and could likely expand on it more--but I thought I'd re-share the work
here for other new comers like myself. :)

Here's the main site for the project:

Things I discovered:
 - Lorestore supports a version ("drafty" one maybe) of OA
 - has a validator on their site!
 - include documentation for an API that supports several OA representation
 - has a query API:
 - also supports Atom feeds:

Lorestore is GPLv3 licensed and available on GitHub:

Beyond interesting history, there may also be an opportunity for a couple
of invited experts (if we're doing that right now) as Anna and Damien have
experience implementing the OA data model in an HTTP API that includes

Just sharing. :)

Developer Advocate

Received on Friday, 20 February 2015 20:23:07 UTC