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> This is good news and I add my thanks.
> It will be no surprise to OA followers that only problem I have with
> the early draft is that it does not unambiguously put data annotation
> in the scope.  This is all the more disappointing given the quite
> interesting efforts that Tim and Ivan have pointed out in
> about data citation practices, e.g.
>, in the context of increasing pressure
> from funding agencies to provide the data behind the conclusions of
> scientific publications.


obviously:-) I am aware of the data publishing issues. And I think it is correct to say that part of the work that is planned in the group (namely the finalization of the data model) would certainly be usable for data annotation as well.

However... the work on API-s, RESTful or not, would, I believe, be very different when we talk about annotation on data and about annotation on web pages or digital books. And the sad reality is that we have to make a choice in the scope because we cannot cover everything in one place. Hence the current focus on the 'traditional' Web issues. 

That being said: we are certainly open to either enlarge the scope or, possibly at a later point, spawn a different group with a different scope that would look at the annotation of data publishing. It is a matter of 'submissions' in the general sense, a maturity of the technology in terms of a possible standardization, communities that are ready to step up... Let us see where the public discussion goes!



> On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 8:28 AM, Paolo Ciccarese
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>> Dear Community Group Members,
>> As anticipated W3C may start a Working Group to standardize the major
>> building blocks for annotations.
>> Thanks to the work of Ivan Herman and Doug Schepers, an 'advance notice' has
>> been issued to the W3C members[1] and a very early draft for the Working
>> Group Charter [2] has been made available publicly.
>> Any comments are welcome to finalize the draft. The best is to send them to
>> the mailing list whose role is to collect all the
>> comments coming from the community at large.
>> Best,
>> Paolo & Rob
>> [1]
>> [2]
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