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Hi Mathew and all,


First off in the explainer shouldn’t we have an editors note in there that we are currently working to get the “adapt-“ prefix? Perhaps in section 4.1.

Also in the Explainer
2. Modules

  *   WAI-Adapt: Content Module:<>

This module provides vocabularies that enable user-agents to augment or adapt content to allow authors to support AAC symbols.

That should now be Symbols Module correct?

I know Becky is still working on the example to remove Advertisement as a distraction.

(Symbols Module)

This document uses a number of specific terms related to various cognitive disabilities and related user-needs. Those terms have been defined by the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force. See the <> COGA Glossary<> for specific definitions.

This is showing an error due to no H2 within the <section>


Charles LaPierre
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On Nov 1, 2022, at 8:59 AM, Matthew Atkinson <<>> wrote:

Hi all,

We need your input this week on the hopefully-very-soon-to-be-CR Symbols Module. I've renamed the data-* attributes, and the module itself. That last change, to rename to the Symbols Module, is in a PR at the moment, but we expect to merge it soon. The PR is at and you can follow the links there to preview the module.

We need you to read this and suggest any changes this week, so we can have the best chance to approve it on Monday (the 7th). To suggest changes, either:

* Make a PR against main, when the Symbols Module PR (linked above) is merged there.
* File GitHub issues.
* Reply to this thread.

We're so close now; thanks for any input you can provide!

Matthew Tylee Atkinson (he/him)
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