Re: Content-Disposition missing from IANA HTTP field name registry

Hey Guoye,

I'm not an expert here (pun 100% intended) but I wonder if the IANA
instructions in RFC 9110 [1] meant that Content-Disposition wasn't migrated
to the field name registry because its protocol is listed as "MIME" in the
previous table

From RFC 9110:

> IANA has moved all entries in the "Permanent Message Header Field Names"
and "Provisional Message Header Field Names" registries (see <>) with the protocol
'http' to this registry and has applied the following changes:

[1] -

On Wed, Sep 6, 2023 at 11:55 PM Guoye Zhang <> wrote:

> It appears that RFC 6266 isn’t reflected in the HTTP field name registry:
> Guoye

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