RE: Murray Kucherawy's No Objection on draft-ietf-httpbis-origin-h3-03: (with COMMENT)

Since the BCP14 reference was added (in PR 2373<>) at Francesca’s request, I will let the two of you confer and tell me whether the reference is needed.  I don’t think the difference between OPTIONAL and optional is particularly compelling here, so I’m content either way.  It would be somewhat surprising to publish a Proposed Standard document that doesn’t use normative language, but all the actual protocol machinery is in the existing document, so I can see how it would work here.

Proposed Standard is the intended status here because RFC 8336 is Proposed Standard, and this defines a means to exercise that mechanism in HTTP/3.

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The shepherd writeup doesn't say why Proposed Standard is the right status

here.  It's fairly obvious, but it would be great to have a complete answer on

the record.

I suggest changing "OPTIONAL" to "optional" and dropping the use of RFC

2119/8174, which isn't really necessary for this simple document.

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