Re: Revising Structured Fields: scope

Willy Tarreau writes:

> I would really
> like it if we would remove that limitation so that we could hope to more
> easily retrofit other fields there, and it doesn't seem like too complicated
> change to me to simply add "sf-empty" to the bare-item definition, which
> would likely solve this.

I fear that codifying that would encourage more headers with
such behaviour, which I assume we do not want ?

I would far prefer to let the very few headers which has this behaviour
be special-cased in their own definition.

If I am wrong about that, and if you mean something like adding in 4.1:

	0.   If the structure value is sf-empty, return an empty string.

and in 4.2:

	1a.  If sf-empty is a permissible field value and input_string
	     consists entirely of SP characters, return sf-empty.

That seems mostly harmless to me.

If you want sf-empty anywhere else, I am a firm NO, because it would
require significant work to redefine inner_list and maybe other places.


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