Changes to HTTP/2 from IESG review (and beyond)

Hi folks,

I'm about to cut another version of HTTP/2 based on feedback during IESG review.

Here are the changes all together:

Of note:

 * We clarified (aggressively) rules around dynamic table size updates and how you are expected to react to changes in the setting.

 * The draft has a fancy new title.

 * Restored the change to registry rules that eliminates the Experimental Use sections.  Ben Kaduk found this in the changelog that wasn't in the doc.  My fault, I accidentally deleted it when cleaning up.

 * Noted a stream state transition that is not on the state diagram.

 * Described the fields in SETTINGS properly.

 * Noted the hazards involved in validating pseudo-header fields, especially if you then concatenate them and send them out in HTTP/1.1 requests.

 * A handful of editorial changes.

Please, take a quick look and tell me if you see anything that worries you.


Received on Friday, 21 January 2022 06:42:43 UTC