Éric Vyncke's No Objection on draft-ietf-httpbis-targeted-cache-control-03: (with COMMENT)

Éric Vyncke has entered the following ballot position for
draft-ietf-httpbis-targeted-cache-control-03: No Objection

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The document, along with other ballot positions, can be found here:


Thank you for the work put into this document. Even not being a specialist, the
interest of the document is clear (and the document itself is easy to read).

Please find below some non-blocking COMMENT points (but replies would be
appreciated even if only for my own education), and some nits.

Special thanks to Tommy Pauly for the shepherd's write-up including the section
about the WG consensus (and be clear about that I-D is mainly the work of 3

I hope that this helps to improve the document,



Generic comment: while the document appears to be very generic (barring my
comment below), it actually only requests IANA for a "CDN-Cache-Control"
targeted header, I.e., should this be reflected in the title ?

-- Section 1 --
Is there any reason why the enterprise caches/proxies are not mentioned in the
first § ?

-- Section 2.2 --
As the target list is merely a local decision, why are the behaviours specified
as a "MUST" and not as a "SHOULD" ? I.e., after all it is all local decisions
and there could be local constraints/restrictions. There is also no negotiation
between the cache and its upstream cache/origin that could contractually bind
the 2 parties.

== NITS ==

-- Section 1 --
In "a Web site", does "web" really deserve being capitalised ?

-- Section 2.1 --
In "as if the field were not present" should field be in the plural form ?

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