Re: URL, URI and the w3c

It depends on what parts you’re referencing.

For example (and what might have triggered this question): Signatures only uses the WHATWG spec in order to define the query-parameters, which is not part of generic URI syntax. Everywhere else, Signatures uses the IETF RFCs because it’s talking about those general purpose URI parts like path and query. 

 — Justin

> On Jun 14, 2022, at 5:55 AM, Roberto Polli <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I noted that some specs reference  URL/URI from
> while others use & co.
> This can be relevant if you need normative references to e.g. percent encoding
> and/or application/www-form-urlencoded where IANA media type registration
> references
> Which is the rationale for filing a specification under the w3c with
> respect to the IETF?
> I assume that those specs are aligned, isn't it?
> Which is the organization that ensures that alignment?
> Which spec should I reference in an HTTP derived protocol
> such as OAuth2 ?
> Thanks and have a nice day,
> R.

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