Re: Working Group Last Call: HTTP/2 revision

Am 23.07.2021 um 02:05 schrieb Mark Nottingham:
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Hi there.

I have opened a bunch of PRs fixing minor ediorial issues that seemed
directly actionable.

I'll also stress that Roy's issue about field name syntax
(<>) is important.

The remaining comments are below:

Section 1

"Specifically, it allows interleaving of request and response messages
on the same connection..."

This really reads strange, as request and responses travel in different
directions. FWIW, HTTP/1.1 also allows that, no? (You can send a request
while a response is already received).

Maybe just say

"Specifically, it allows interleaving of messages on the same connection..."


Section 3.2

"A client that makes a request to an "https" URI uses TLS [TLS13] with
the application-layer protocol negotiation (ALPN) extension [TLS-ALPN]."

For a moment I thought that the document requires use of TLS 1.3 (which
it does not later on). Maybe this should be clarified here.

Section 4.3

"A field section is a collection of zero or more field lines"

Which is the same as "A field section is a collection of field lines",

I understand that using "zero or more" is used with the intention to be
precise, but I'd really prefer to avoid it or just say "optional" where

(yes, this is a matter of taste)

Section 8.8

1) The H2 parts of the examples use "host", not "authority:". Isn't this
in conflict with 8.3.1: "Clients that generate HTTP/2 requests directly
SHOULD use the :authority pseudo-header field instead of the Host header

2) I think giving each example a subsection would make it clearer where
examples begin and end; and also would improve linkability.


In several sections, replacing lists by subsections would improve the
ToC and make it easier to refer to specific items (frame types, error
codes, pseudo header fields)

Best regards, Julian

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