Re: 425 (Too Early)

On 5 August 2017 at 13:55, Mark Nottingham <> wrote:
> HTCPCP was a joke protocol to point out all of the bad ways that people try to reuse HTTP, so there's a certain amount of irony here. I don't think a couple of deployments of a joke is enough to justify consuming a code point in such a constrained name space.
> IIRC we discussed this as part of BIS and explicitly decided not to reserve 418.
> Now, we could make an argument to skip over it now and use it when we've exhausted other 4NN code points, but personally my inclination is to do it now; if we don't want it to ossify, the earlier the better.
> Cheers,

The only time I ever used a 418 response it was for some sort of
detectable chalk-and-cheese mismatch, specifics of which I can't
remember now, but it felt better at the time to misuse the teapot code
than to mint a new application-specific 4xx, or to use a combination
of 400+payload.

It feels a bit off ditching a status code that doesn't have a similar,
more-official version (like 420 Enhance Your Calm vs 429 Too Many
Requests).  That said, I'm not sure if I've read RFC 2324 the wrong
way;  maybe it would have been more correct for me to signal the error
in the content-type rather than the status code.

Anyway, off-topic for the discussion at hand.

  Matthew Kerwin

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