Re: 2017-03-06- UTC, TImeZone, DayLight Saving Shifts, Enconding

On 19.03.2017 16:45, Joe Touch wrote:
>   haven't shown a problem yet.
>> not as image, I showed in words ... "the calendar of Microsoft Outlook and look for the beginning and ending of a celebration day ..."
>> look at this image:
>> there you see the end of the "appointment" is the beginning of the next day which is invalid ...
> That is correct ...

> if you interpret 'end' as the time when something ceases, not the last instant inside the interval.
the end of something is the opposite from the beginning ...
when the beginning is included, than the end has also been included ...

we are talking of intervals like
and never of intervals like

as I said before: talk of sophisticated after having understood the 
basics ...
> But this is far out of scope for the ietf.

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