Re: Issue 271 of 5987bis - Proposed Standard or Internet Standard?

On 2017-01-13 02:18, Martin Thomson wrote:
> On 13 January 2017 at 11:10, Patrick McManus <> wrote:
>> I need to direct your attention to one of just two open issues with the
>> 5987bis document (Indicating Character Encoding and Language for HTTP Header
>> Field Parameters), which deals with the intended status of the eventual RFC.
> Proposed Standard would seem to be sufficient.  I would think that
> being MORE mature than HTTP would be unrealistic, so that limits us to
> PS.

I don't care a lot - it won't matter in practice.

That said, the standards process doesn't make this requirement. If we 
ever want to get spec to "full standard", adding *additional* hurdles 
doesn't seem to be the right approach.

(And yes, we should work on getting HTTP-the-base-specs to full standard 
as well)

Best regards, Julian

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