Working Group procedure - change proposal

Hi everyone,

I've proposed a few changes to (i.e., our working process) here:

I've pasted the changed section below. In a nutshell, it allows editors to close issues with proposals, as long as they're marked with "proposal". 

This more closely mirrors the process that the QUIC WG uses (which evolved from our process), which has proven more natural than leaving issues open until we declare formal consensus.

The first paragraph reminds us that the issues list is a mechanism for tracking our discussion, not the sole arbtrar of consensus. 


## Resolving Issues

As in all IETF Working Groups, final consensus of the Working Group is determined during Working
Group Last Call; consensus established in discussion of issues provides a limited precedent, to
prevent revisiting topics unnecessarily. Our issues list provides a mechanism for tracking those
discussions and their outcome.

Issues will be labeled by the Chairs as either `editorial` or `design`:

* **Design** issues require discussion and consensus in the Working Group. This discussion can happen both in the issue and on the [Working Group mailing list](, as outlined below. 

* **Editorial** issues can be dealt with by the editor(s) without consensus or notification. Typically, any discussion will take place on the issue itself.

The `open` design issues in the issues list are those that we are currently or plan to discuss.
When a design issue is `closed`, it implies that the issue's proposed resolution is reflected in
the drafts.

The editors can also propose resolutions to design issues for the group's consideration by
incorporating them into the draft(s). When they do so, the issue will be closed and flagged with
the `proposal` label.

When a new draft is published, the design issues that have been closed since the last draft will be
highlighted on the mailing list, to aid reviewers. 

If new information (in the judgement of the Chairs) about a decision comes to light, or there is an
objection to a proposed resolution flagged with `proposal`, the issue will be reopened by the
Chairs. If there is no objection, the `proposal` flag will be removed from those issues, to denote
that their resolution has been accepted.

Mark Nottingham

Received on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 04:31:54 UTC